Integrate for Good empowers transition-age youth and adults with disabilities, the families and agencies that support them, school districts, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses to capitalize on the strengths and abilities of all people through social capital building, civic engagement and community connection. We do this through a variety of engaging and innovative services. We invite you to discover how we can work together to empower individuals of all abilities and strengthen local communities.
The mission of Integrate for Good is to create opportunities for people of all abilities to contribute their talent through inclusive volunteerism, community leadership, and competitive employment.
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Sam, a young man living with autism, graduates from high school and gets a job working for a local biotech firm. He’s not hired in spite of having autism; he’s hired because of it. Through an inclusive volunteer experience in his community, he connected with an employee who recommended him after realizing how his extensive knowledge and passion would benefit the company.
Joey, a third grade student, comes home from the first day of school and instead of saying there is a boy in my class in a wheelchair, he says “I have a new friend who likes video games as much as I do!”
Carly and Rachel meet while volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Carly, a local college student, has plans to see the new movie coming out that weekend with a few friends. While Rachel loves attending her day program for people with disabilities, she is especially lonely in the evenings and on weekends. While chatting as they fill each plate, Carly and Rachel discover that they both love the same actor, Bradley Cooper. When Rachel’s mom comes back at the end of the volunteer shift, Carly asks if she can pick up Rachel on Saturday night, so she can join the group of friends for pizza and the movie. The next time the friends are making weekend plans, Carly’s friend reminds her, “Don’t forget to invite Rachel again!”
This is the world Integrate for Good imagines. This is our vision. Integrate for Good envisions a future where children observe similarities before they see differences. We work toward a future where people of all abilities are hired because of their talents, strengths and abilities, not out of charity. Our vision is one where loneliness and social isolation are replaced by friendship and community connection.
It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Our vision is our “why.” It is not just what we dream. It is not just what we hope to see. It is what we strive to create through our collaborative work every day.
We embrace the words of poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou…
You can’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.
— Maya Angelou

Our Strength Based Model

Integrate for Good is deeply committed to increasing continuing education opportunities for students and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. We inform our practice with the latest research. Integrate for Good offers in-service presentations and staff training for agencies supporting people with disabilities. We present at a variety of conferences throughout the year, and offer college and university guest lectures. We also design engaging and customized corporate team building events to share about ability, diversity and inclusion. We are always eager to share resources, research and knowledge.
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