Integrate for Good empowers students and adults of all abilities to share their talent through inclusive volunteerism, community leadership and meaningful employment.
From a very early age, individuals with disabilities are called “special,” and quickly become the recipients of assistance. Those living with disabilities, and just as importantly the larger community are presented with an understanding of people with disabilities as recipients of service from others, not as capable providers of service.
The relationship is imbalanced, lacking reciprocity. Talents go untapped, organizations miss out on benefits offered by potential volunteers, and a charity-based mindset depicting individuals with disabilities as “consumers of service” is perpetuated.
In July of 2017, we launched Integrate for Good to challenge that charity-based mindset by expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to contribute their time and talent for the purpose of strengthening local communities. In just five years, we've already had a greater impact than we could have ever imagined...

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Integrate for Good empowers students and adults with disabilities, the families and agencies that support them, school districts, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses to capitalize on the strengths and abilities of all people through social networking, volunteerism and community connection. We do this through a variety of engaging and innovative services. We invite you to discover how we can work together to meet your goals →

Meet Our Team

We embrace the words of leadership guru, John C. Maxwell.  "Teamwork makes the dream work." We invite you to meet the staff and board of directors who make our mission come alive.Learn More →

Our Core Values

Take the lead
We possess vision, creativity and courage. We show others what is possible.
Seek out collaboration
We reach across boundaries, build bridges and leverage collective, interdisciplinary genius.
Show up with enthusiasm
We say yes to hard things. Our positive energy and passion are contagious.
Be inclusive
We harness the power of diversity and create a culture of belonging where no one is left on the sidelines.
Operate with transparency
We communicate internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty and respect.
Be bold
We don’t shy away from challenges that seem insurmountable or opportunities that feel impossible.
Deliver consistently
We create a lasting and positive impact within our communities. Our stakeholders can trust us to work hard, stay focused and find solutions that deliver great results.

Get Involved

Come To An Event
Come out and donate an hour of your time at one of our community events. Paint a kindness rock. Weave a sleeping mat for someone who is homeless. Make a birthday card for a senior citizen. Make new friends while making a difference!
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Join a Committee
We are always looking for great people who would like to share their time as committee members. Do you like planning events? Helping with budgets and numbers? Sharing on social media? We have a committee for you! When you share your time with Integrate for Good, you change the game for students with disabilities while meeting new people and having fun.
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Make a Donation
When you invest in Integrate for Good, you invest in your own community. Your donation combats loneliness and social isolation. Your investment insures that people of all abilities are given the opportunity to share their time and talent, making our community stronger for all of us.
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