Whether you are a global corporation or a small local business, corporate social responsibility matters. We are honored have the support of companies like Merck, Dow, Univest, Wegmans, Premier Payroll Services, The Giant Company, The O’Connor Group, Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s Raphael Sachs, Harleysville Bank, Holman Enterprises, Insperity, O3 World, Razor Technology, Barry Isett Engineering, and others.

Making a difference in the communities where you do business is good for business. Corporate community engagement is linked to positive recruitment and retention outcomes. People like to work for companies that share their values. A commitment to corporate social responsibility is aligned with lower employee turnover rates.

When you make your company’s values and community commitment come alive through our fun and impactful corporate engagement programs, you are defining and differentiating your brand. People like to do business with companies who care about their communities.

Your corporate values are the heart and soul of your business. Partner with Integrate for Good to build and strengthen your teams, boost your company morale and help you make a difference in the local communities where you do business.

1. Share your time.

Integrate for Good removes the barriers to employee volunteering. Do some of your employees take mass transit to work and find it hard to get to a volunteer site? Maybe you would rather not lose valuable work hours by having employees commute to volunteer sites. We’ve got you covered!

Integrate for Good brings our engaging, hands-on volunteer activities to you! Whether you want to engage your team of 3 or 153, we have a variety of projects that align with your priorities. Is your company passionate about sustainability? You’ll want to learn about our Sleeping Mat Project which recycles plastic bags into sleeping mats for community members experiencing street homelessness. Promoting mental health in the workplace is more important than ever. Kindness Rocks is a creative and engaging way to promote positivity and workplace connections. All of our projects are customized for you and led by our neurodiverse team.

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2. Share your talent.

Integrate for Good is always looking for talented people to serve on our committees and Board of Directors.  Are you good with numbers? Consider our Finance Committee. Are you the life of the party? How about our Events Committee? Do you like to rally people around an important cause? Our Resource Development/Fundraising committee might be your match. Are you passionate about quality assurance?  Check out our Governance Committee. If you have an interest or a talent, we have a way to capture it!

3. Share your treasure.

Our work is possible because of your financial generosity. Individual and corporate gifts ensure that young people with disabilities are not denied an opportunity to participate in our programs because of an inability to pay. There are many ways to contribute financially.

  1. Make an individual gift and pair it with a company match. Our website will guide you through the process.
  2. Organize an Integrate for Good fundraiser in your office. Have everyone donate $5 to wear jeans on a Friday... even on Zoom!
  3. Set up a healthy competition between departments with a Penny War.
  4. Sponsor one of our events.
  5. Tell us about grant opportunities through your corporate foundations.
  6. Choose us as the recipient of our corporate giving.