Because everyone can teach, and we all have something to learn

After looking for an opportunity like the Leadership Incubator to suggest to the students and families we empower, we could not find anything like it. We realized a void in service, and we decided to create this innovative and empowering initiative, creating a path to leadership for young people of all abilities.

Integrate for Good's Leadership Incubator is a 10-week program. Each cohort of eight participants meets for two hours per week, with opportunities for additional, optional engagement. The curriculum is universally designed to acknowledge diverse learning styles. Instruction is engaging and inclusive, incorporating guest speakers, multi-media presentations and experiential learning.

After graduating from Leadership Incubator, participants are confident and prepared to lead our inclusive volunteering events that are offered in community organizations such as libraries, on college campuses, and within corporate settings.

Integrate for Good's Leadership Incubator is an innovative solution designed to build a culture of inclusion and equity. Our program will help change the narrative, highlighting the ability in disability by providing individuals an environment to explore and develop their leadership style.

Email Dr. Bev Weinberg for an application