Guess what you did?

You provided opportunities for people with disabilities to be seen and celebrated as community leaders at companies like Nationwide and Dow.

You transformed libraries, senior centers, college campuses, faith communities and even the Elmwood Park Zoo into inclusive communities where people of diverse abilities can make a collective difference through volunteerism.

By showing up with us, you reduced loneliness and social isolation.

You created spaces where people feel accepted, seen and appreciated for their abilities and talent.

You helped us by sharing social media posts, by coming to our events and donating what you could.

During the most challenging time we’ve ever seen, you haven’t forgotten about us. You’re the reason we’ve survived.

For these reasons and so many more, we say the most heartfelt THANK YOU!!

We are blessed to celebrate all of our wonderful volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week! We appreciate you now and every day!

You matter. What you do counts. Our community is stronger because of you.

Check out our thank you video below! You might be in it!