Bev Weinberg with someone holding an Integrate for Good Community Heroes award plaque.

Integrate for Good supports both students and adults in our local community. We partner with school districts to provide opportunities for students to learn more about the power of volunteering. Through our workshops, students create digital portfolios with pictures, video and valuable information which highlights their abilities, strengths, work experience and interests. These digital portfolios can then be shared with local employers and nonprofit leaders to expand opportunities for work and community connection. They are much more engaging than traditional paper resumes and serve as valuable tools for self-advocacy.

Our newest school district partner, joining North Penn, Hatboro-Horsham and Upper Dublin is Upper Perkiomen School District. Upper Perkiomen’s Transition Coordinator, Shane Thrush, along with teachers Jen Bamford and Krys Willet became instant partners in our mission to empower transition-age youth with disabilities. Last month, Upper Perkiomen School District piloted our new addition to our digital portfolios, the digital reference. These teachers provided a video reference which we filmed and added to the portfolios. Instead of an employer needing to ask for a reference, the reference is made readily available in video form. Not only did the team at Upper Perkiomen School District embrace this idea and agree to be the first to try our new idea, they did an amazing job expressing the ability and talents they celebrate in each of their students.

We look forward to ongoing collaboration with this excellent team and it is an honor to present them with a 2019 Integrate for Good Community Hero Award.

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