Bev Weinberg with someone holding an Integrate for Good Community Heroes award plaque.

Mitzvah Circle Foundation provides material support to individuals and families dealing with crisis, poverty, homelessness and serious illness. Mitzvah Circle specializes in serving people who are unable to obtain immediate or sufficient help from government agencies and traditional service organizations. The staff and volunteers of Mitzvah Circle Foundation restore hope and honor dignity by building personal relationships and providing individualized assistance.

From its very beginning, Mitzvah Circle Foundation has been a place where everyone’s contributions are valued and celebrated. On any given day at MCF, you will see people of all abilities and ages, all backgrounds and faiths, working side by side sorting donations and assembling individualized care packages for fellow community members in need.

MCF has provided meaningful opportunities for our volunteers since we launched, and generously participated in the production of our Integrate for Good impact video. Mitzvah Circle is a model for other organizations looking to capitalize on the power of a diverse volunteer base. Rachel Hurley, MCF’s Community Outreach Director said it best when she shared, “Mitzvah Circle Foundation serves all people, so it makes perfect sense that we provide volunteer opportunities for all people to give back as well.” We celebrate our collaboration with Mitzvah Circle Foundation and proudly present a 2019 Integrate for Good Community Hero Award to Fran Held, Rachel Hurley and everyone at Mitzvah Circle Foundation.