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Integrate for Good is committed to connecting people of all abilities to what we call “generic” community-based opportunities to volunteer their time, not “special” opportunities or “separate, but equal” opportunities. RSVP has partnered with us to make this happen. Jacqui Baxter and Margaret Brenner have been guest speakers at our workshops and the entire RSVP staff has welcomed us to their office in King of Prussia on many occasions to help us register people to serve in volunteer roles. They even invite us to sit around their community table and join them for lunch! Michele Moll, RSVP’s Executive Director, has been an incredible mentor as we take the steps to move this work forward.

We are always grateful to have even a little corner of a table at events to share our Integrate for Good materials. RSVP welcomed us with open arms at their Run Wild 5K back in October. They gave us half of their own table at a prime location… right next to where the runners picked up their free soft pretzels after crossing the finish line! RSVP shares our values and philosophy that each one of us has the ability to share our time and talent to make a stronger community for all of us. The hospitality and welcoming spirit they have shared with us time and time again is exactly what we hoped to foster through this collaborative work. We are honored to present a 2019 Integrate for Good Community Hero Award to Jacqui Baxter, Michele Moll and the entire RSVP organization.