It takes passion and enthusiasm to grow a new idea. Back in September, Bev Weinberg and George Casady, the Day Services Director at Indian Creek Foundation, were preparing to present together at the Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources Conference in Harrisburg. Bev was preparing the introduction and said, “George…I forget! How did we ever start collaborating together?” George reminded her, “Bev, you were given 5 minutes to share about Integrate for Good at a MAX meeting and I called you the next day.”

George has been committed and “all-in” from that day forward. He is a visionary leader with a razor-sharp focus on what matters most in this work…expanding opportunity and embracing ability. He is the perfect combination of a big picture thinker with an exceptional ability to turn those big ideas into day-today reality, truly changing the quality of life for those we support. George has not only shared himself with this project, but he has rallied Indian Creek Foundation around our shared values.

If you walk into Indian Creek, you will see a beautiful wicker collection bin for the grocery bags we upcycle into sleeping mats for people in our community experiencing homelessness. At our other sites, we are thrilled just to have a cardboard box and a paper sign! Seeing the care George put into this more permanent bin is a symbol of George’s enthusiasm and long-term commitment to this work. He is a true partner. We are excited to present George Casady and Indian Creek Foundation with a 2019 Integrate for Good Community Hero Award.