Alan is a Leadership Coach and the founder of Alan Scholnick Coaching & Consulting. He spent 27+ yrs. with IKEA holding Executive roles in Finance, Operations, and Leadership\Competence Development, with cultural experience working in the US, The Netherlands and Sweden. Alan believes in growing people and the business together, by empowering teams and focusing on the needs of both the co-workers and the customers. Alan leverages his skills in learning and facilitation to help people discover how their values, drives, motivations, and strengths impact the people around them. In turn, then challenges those same people to learn about and “feed & water” the values, drives, motivations, and strengths of the people they lead. He holds a Master’s in Organizational/Servant Leadership from Gonzaga University, a Master’s in Taxation from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Temple University.