Our Three Key Areas of Engagement:
Empowerment, Connection and Education


In the domain of empowerment, Integrate for Good expands opportunities for people with autism and other developmental disabilities to share their time and talent as providers of service to others. We offer individual and small group workshops and seminars designed and led by occupational therapists to build work-related skills and identify abilities, areas of passion and environmental work preferences (ex. quiet work area, working alone or with others). After learning about individual strengths and preferences, we help to match students and adults with volunteer opportunities where their abilities and contributions will be valued and celebrated.

Our innovative digital portfolios (on-line interactive resumes) include photography, videography and written content to highlight strengths, abilities and talents. More engaging than a traditional paper resume, our digital portfolios are incredibly powerful tools for self-advocacy. Portfolios are hosted on individual websites and customized business cards are provided for sharing with community members and potential employers.

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In the area of connection, Integrate for Good strengthens local communities by capturing the untapped talent and leadership of students and adults with disabilities.

Integrate for Good sponsors weekly, community-based events where individuals with and without disabilities volunteer side-by-side on projects of shared interest, thereby reducing stigma, increasing community connection and expanding opportunities for social capital building. A full calendar of events is available on our website under “Events.”  We also offer training and support to other nonprofit organizations to help expand the diversity of their volunteer staff.

While Integrate for Good engages people in a variety of volunteer activities, all of our efforts share one common goal: to build social networking opportunities and meaningful community connection. Research has established loneliness and social isolation to be public health concerns. People with disabilities experience these significant risks to physical and mental health at a disproportionate rate. By bringing diverse people together to do good work, we can creatively address the social determinants of health through inclusive volunteerism.


Integrate for Good is deeply committed to increasing continuing education opportunities for students and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. We inform our practice with the latest research. Integrate for Good offers in-service presentations and staff training for agencies supporting people with disabilities.  We present at a variety of conferences throughout the year, and offer college and university guest lectures.  We also design engaging and customized corporate team building events to share about ability, diversity and inclusion. We are always eager to share resources, research and knowledge.