portfolio-building workshops

Integrate for Good offers interactive small group workshops for students and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities designed to identify individual strengths, abilities, talents, interests, areas of passion and environmental work preferences.  Workshop participants build customized digital portfolios incorporating photography and videography to promote self-advocacy and connect with community leaders and employers in an innovative way.  All workshops are facilitated by Integrate for Good’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Bev Weinberg.

corporate volunteerism and philanthropy

Are you a for-profit company looking to make a meaningful, hands-on contribution right here in your local community?  Integrate for Good can help you organize your next company corporate social responsibility event or build employee volunteering into your corporate culture.  We also have impactful sponsorship and corporate giving opportunities to ensure that your corporate generosity is local and impactful for people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Contact us to learn more!

Community Training

Integrate for Good believes there is a tremendous difference between being “in the community,” and being a celebrated, engaged and valued member of it.  We can all feel lonely in a crowd.  We offer a variety of consultation packages and training opportunities to families and agencies looking to transform community participation into true, meaningful community engagement for those with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We can get you there!

support for nonprofit organizations

Do volunteers help transform your nonprofit vision into a reality?  Imagine how you could move your mission forward with an expanded base of volunteers with diverse abilities and contributions to share!  Integrate for Good offers free support to nonprofit organizations looking to create volunteer activities that include people with autism and other developmental disabilities.  We know that each and every person has the ability to give back and be a valued provider of service to others.  We would love to learn more about your work, and how we can partner with you to move it forward in creative ways.