The Integrate for Good Model


Integrate for Good offers activities through each of the four channels in our project model. In the area of individual capacity building, we conduct three-part workshop series for students and adults with disabilities. Through these workshops, participants identify their strengths, abilities, talents, areas of passion and environmental work preferences. This information is then used to create customized digital portfolios to be used as self-advocacy tools with potential volunteer sites and paid employers.

In the second area of community education and support, Integrate for Good shares our impact video with diverse audiences, offers remote and on-site support to local nonprofit organizations and conducts training sessions, in-service presentations, speaking engagements, conference sessions and guest lectures.

The Integrate for Good Model The Integrate for Good Model

In the area of events, we collaborate with a diverse group of organizations, including libraries, senior centers, faith communities and anti-poverty organizations to host weekly or biweekly inclusive volunteer opportunities in the community.

Integrate for Good is committed to being an organization driven by translating research into practice to improve the health and well-being of local community members. We organize our own community forums and also draw on the most current research to drive our decision-making and programming.

During an average week, you can find us teaching individuals with disabilities how to use technology to promote their skills and talents during our workshops, filling a community room at a local library with people of all ages and abilities who have come together to recycle plastic bags into sleeping mats for those experience homelessness, offering a guest lecture at a local university, and doing an inclusive intergenerational art project at a local senior center. Every week with Integrate for Good is different, but every week is guaranteed to be meaningful.