How To Help

Share your passion with us! Do you love to bake? Help with food at one of our events. Do you love to donate your time? Join us at one of community-based volunteering opportunities. Do you have expertise in fundraising? Help us raise the money we need to empower more students and adults with disabilities. Does your company like to support local nonprofit organizations? Tell them about us. Do you have media connections? Share our good news! Do you want to donate to an organization where every dollar stays here, strengthening your local community? Choose us to be the recipient of your generosity. We invite you to take advantage of the many ways to make a difference with Integrate for Good!

Let’s Get Involved


Encourage your business, faith community or other civic organization to partner with us! We are always looking for welcoming community spaces to host events, donate resources or collaborate on community activities. 


You are a ray of Human sunshine!

Share Your Time 

Come out and donate an hour of your time at one of our community events. Paint a kindness rock. Weave a sleeping mat for someone who is homeless. Make a birthday card for a senior citizen. Make new friends while making a difference!


You are a wealth of knowledge

Share Your Expertise

Do you have a brownie recipe everyone loves? Offer to bake for our next event! Do you have a talent or favorite hobby? Come out and share it with others! Are you connected to people who might share our passion for strengthening communities by including people of all abilities? We want to make new friends. Tell them about us! 



Get Social

“Like” us and share our posts on social media. We are a brand-new organization and would love people to know more about what we do and how they can make a difference with us!