This picture is the perfect way to show how Integrate for Good is different.

This past weekend, Heather sent me this picture. She was so excited that she sent it to me five times to make sure I got it!

John Mertz of Green Terra Disposal recognized Heather at Musikfest in Bethlehem! He was a guest on her Facebook Live show several months ago!

Too often, people with disabilities experience life segregated in "special programs" or remain nameless as they travel around our communities in small groups with a staff person. While they might experience activities, they don't have equitable opportunities to be recognized and truly known and valued.

We change that by bringing people together to connect in real and meaningful ways. Just like this.

We are only $22.17 short of our July $15k Matching Gifts goal as of this morning!

Independence Foundation will double your donation! We were able to extend our deadline to make this happen!

With your gift, we will make sure that more people with disabilities know what it's like to be seen and celebrated in our shared community. No one deserves to feel invisible.

Thank you for making great things happen with us!

Dr. Bev Weinberg, Founder and Executive Director